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Before and after school pupils are looked after by the Care Team, which is made up of a group of 25 Residential Social Care Workers (RSCW) of varying ages and levels of experience, most of whom have worked at Farney Close for many years. A number of the RSCW team also support the school day, helping any pupil who may be finding certain lessons or break times difficult to manage.

All RSCWs are either qualified or working towards NVQ level 3 in Caring for Children and Young People, with some also qualified to Level 4 in Care, or our Care Manager who is a qualified Social worker. At the same time, in order to make sure that staff are developing their skills and understanding to best support the pupils, and to ensure that we provide a quality service, all staff are given regular training in a variety of subject areas relevant to their role.

When each new pupil arrives they will receive a new pupil welcome pack which aims to give them a range of information to support them through this often difficult and anxious time. The pack includes guidance on how the whole school and social day runs and about what will be expected of them as they become more settled. The pack also gives the new pupil information on people who they will meet and their role in the school, and tells them what to do if they have a worry or a complaint. This introductory period forms the basis of the New Pupil Care Plan, which itself is developed each half term into a Short Term Care Plan and is always completed working together with the pupil themselves. Naturally, the aim of all Short Term Care Plans is to help the pupil review their progress, acknowledge their successes and to set new targets, helping to move them to move on and address the aims set out in their Long Term Plan.

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