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It is intended that while at Farney Close pupils experience an education as close as possible to that offered in mainstream. That means full national curriculum, taught by specialist teachers.

There are 10 class groups with a maximum of eight pupils in each class. The school is divided into Lower school and Upper school and each lesson in the timetable is an hour long, at the end of which pupils move classrooms to their next lesson. Classes are 'set' wherever possible and work is differentiated to allow all pupils equal opportunity. Each day consists of five lessons with tutor period beginning each day. Tuesdays and Thursdays see Progress Units taking place. These are 30 minute sessions that begin each day, focusing on the development of literacy skills principally, but as exams approach the nature of these sessions may change to supplement other disciplines such as ICT, touch typing, Math's skills or for the more advanced groups, reading between the lines. All Progress Unit sessions are supported by teachers, classroom assistant and RSCWs, working together to give the maximum support and guidance possible.

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Education and Care staff work very closely together to support the school day
and make all learning experiences as successful as they can possibly be.





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